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July/August 2019 Roadmap Class sold out!

This is a 4 week online course where I will take you from your creative hobby to your creative career. This class is full of practical, real life tools to help you succeed and to get focused. What you can expect from this course are real tangible tools for setting up your creative career and breaking away from false ideas of ‘the starving artist’. You should be compensated for your time, knowledge and skills, and this course will help you to do that in an organized and practical way. I will make a video available for you at the beginning of each week, with corresponding worksheets and outlines. There will be ‘homework’ for the week, and we will do a live session together at the end of the week to talk through questions, help answer specific problems and work through issues you may be having. If you cannot attend the live event, you will be able to access the live stream after the fact. We will cover things like:

  • how to hone in on your individual style and what you are interested in communicating

  • developing your portfolio for the work you want to get

  • creating and maintaining a following on social media

  • practical skills for pricing yourself and keeping track of income and expenses

  • a game plan for networking and developing your creative community

I wanted to make this class for you as a way to share the things I have developed in my own creative career and the things I have had to learn in order to actually begin making a living income, retain clients, bring in new work and develop my creative community. Honestly I want this class to be the class I wish I had taken before leaving my job to work for myself full time.

This class is for you if:

  • you have been working creatively on the side and would like to start making an income

  • you want to be more clear about the direction of your creative pursuits

  • you are ready to take yourself seriously as a creative and start making money

  • you have been working freelance for awhile but are feeling all over the place and want to reset

  • you want to work smarter

This class is NOT for you if:

  • you feel weird about admitting that your creative pursuits are deserving of monetary value

  • you don’t want to be vulnerable or open to change

  • you feel like you know everything you need to be a creative entrepreneur

I am an illustrator who has worked with clients like Illustoria Magazine, Bust Magazine, Catapult, Intercom, Big Big Wednesday, Green Apple Books on the Park, Point Reyes Books and Marin Parks as well as many others. I have had my work shown in galleries in San Francisco, Portland, New York, Seattle and New Hampshire. I have had and maintained a creative career for almost 6 years now, and have had to figure a lot of things out as I went along. This class is for illustrators, painters, ceramicists, photographers and anyone else who is looking to advance their creative work to the next level. I obviously have most of my experience with illustration and painting, but I feel comfortable teaching people from varied creative backgrounds and I think these skills can apply to many creative fields. If you are not sure if this class is right for you, feel free to send me an email and we can talk it out!